Donations will be collected by the Toronto Sickkids Hospital and distributed between the Montreal Children's Hospital, the Toronto SickKids Hospital and Ottawa's CHEO. 

The riders signed up for the 2023 ride

Robert Ramsay

Gerald Wiviott 
Howard Mamane 
Georghia Michael 
Roger Skira 
eric R. 
David Cott 
Gene Piccoli 
Andreas Anastassopoulos 

Marco Gagnon

 Terry Koubakis
 Justin Lance 
 Dan Lesage 
 Curtis Anthony 
 Randy Anthony 
 Collin Phelps 
 Cliff Shapiro
 Didier Hachem 
 Brooks Ralph 
 Wayne Ralph 
 Giampiero Iannuzzi 
 Michael Shkrab 
 Mike Sit 
 Rob Bishin 
 Alice Bialecki 
 Kevin Boada 
 Gustavo Maas 
 Kathy Constantinidis