Day 1     Toronto to Belleville:

Day 1 (Revised 2019) Toronto to Belleville - New lunch route through Port Hope.

Day 2     Belleville to Cornwall:

Day 3     Cornwall to Montreal:

Wednesday (190k) and Thursday (260k): We typically stop for two short breaks (15-20 mins) in the morning and two more in the afternoon, plus a longer lunch break.
Friday: two short breaks in the morning, plus a longer break at John Abbott College (West end of Montreal Island) for a light lunch prior to the police escort ride into the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Depending on the total size of our group we generally split up into three or four speed groups with no more than twelve riders per group.

Racers Group: 35+ Group 1: ARS 32-34 kph Group 2: ARS 29-31 kph Group 3: Average Ride Speed 26/28 kph