Group Training Opportunities 

The ACV 401 Bike Challenge team has put together two different group training opportunities. New this year for Montreal-based riders is a series of indoor cycle training sessions at Montreal’s elite training centre, Premiere Performance/P2. Then, when the warmth of summer arrives we will go outdoors for three group training rides in both Montreal and Toronto. These will be terrific opportunities for new and veteran riders to meet, share training tips and experiences, and start building the bonds that are such a special part of the 401 Bike Challenge experience. 

Outdoor group training rides (Montreal) 

Three rides will be scheduled for June and July. Here are the tentative dates and routes: 

June 9 - 9 am: Champlain Islands, Vermont (101 kms) Start/Finish – Alburgh, Vermont 

June 30 – 10 am: PowerWatts session, local outdoor ride and lunch at Terrasse St. Ambroise 

July 21 – 9 am: Lyon Mountain, New York (148 kms) Start/Finish - Hemmingford, Quebec 

Further details regarding each ride will be posted approximately one month in advance. Contact person for these rides is Peter Côté [email protected]